Welcome To Our Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors used for interiors. This mechanism of making glass consists of varying the regularity of metallic deposits. In addition to its decorative effect, the antique mirror creates a gentle and softened reflection, which contributes pleasantly to interior light levels.

Bear Glass handcrafts both custom antique mirror and decorative antique mirror that is indistinguishable from actual vintage mirror. Our antique mirror sheets are completely unique and gently aged to fit your specific needs.

We sell to homeowners, designers, architects and contractors for all types of applications. We can customize the antique mirrors to fit your needs.

The History of Mirror

Long time ago having a mirror in your home meant that you were rich. Today, mirrors are much more common, but having an antiqued mirror in your home will still provide that elegant look that will set your decor apart from everyone else.

Uses of Antique Mirror:

Antique Mirror is a special type of decorative mirror. Its use in interior is increasing. Anything you can imagine, we can also create custom antique mirror colors see our gallery for samples.

Kitchen Back splash

Cabinet Inserts

Wet Bars

Restaurant Wall

Lobby Area

Table Top

Why choose our products

Bear glass carries the supreme inventory of antique mirror in the US. Our antique mirrors are manufactured using a special silvering technique that is hand finished allowing us to create unique and colorful effects.

Antique mirrors are decorative silver glass. We offer 20 different types of Antique Mirrors with exotic colors and patterns; they are available in sizes up to 48” X 94” and come in finishes from traditional distress antique to burst of colorful 3D effects.

Limitless Choice

We have the biggest selection of custom antique mirror to choose from.

One Stop Solution

From mirror cutting to fabrication and installation, we do everything.

Best Delivery Network

The safest and quickest glass & mirror delivery network in US. Antique mirror takes away the perfection that modern mirrors have created. The goal was achieved by experimenting with oxidation and the use of a black background that gives off the warmth and past memories when reflected.