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Antique Mirror


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Custom antique mirrors are available in Brooklyn City and NYC. We stock up to 1” thick antique mirrors for sale. If you are searching for antique mirror installer in NY, Brooklyn, and throughout the USA. come to us. We do the precision installation at a competitive service charge. For a free consultation, contact us. Read more...

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Product Description

Antique Mirrors are mirrors that look aged or distressed by years of use and exposure. Antique mirror is a kind of decorative mirror. It can be used both for home and office purpose. It gives a special touch to your interior decoration. Antiqued mirrors used for interior decoration. This system of making glass consists of varying the uniformity of metallic deposits. In addition to its decorative effect, the Antique mirrors create a gentle and softened reflection, which contributes pleasantly to interior light levels.

Antique mirror is a sensible choice for interior decoration and not just because you can make it any beautiful, luminous color you want. It is smart because it reduces grout and joint lines and it can easily be squeegeed clean. But don’t just take our word for it. Antique mirror also looking very nice. You can use it for your domestic as well as commercial purpose. It really gives an enchanting look to your interior. Antique Mirror furniture has been hot for a few years now, and its appeal is hard to ignore. Mirrored furniture brightens up dark corners in ways that nothing else can.

We have the largest selection of custom antique mirrors for sale in NY, Brooklyn and also we ship antique mirror throughout the USA and Canada. We provide custom fabrication and installation service for the antique mirror. We also provide the safest and quickest delivery service in New York City, Brooklyn and throughout the USA and Canada. Bear Glass is the best option for antique mirror glass in New York and Brooklyn.

Antique Mirror is a special type of decorative mirrors. We do precision antique mirror installation for:

  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Cabinet Inserts
  • Wet Bars
  • Restaurant Wall
  • Large wall mirrors in Lobby Area
  • Mirrored furniture
  • Table Top, etc.
antique mirror
antique mirror
antique mirror
antique mirror
antique mirror
antique mirror
antique mirror
antique mirror
antique mirror
antique mirror
antique mirror
antique mirror
antique mirror
antique mirror
antique mirror

Product Specification

Available Size: 48"X94" 1/2" and 48"X96"

Available Thickness: 1/8" and 1/4"

Fabrication: Customized

Available Antique Mirror Type: Venetian Antique Mirror, Rainbow, French, Light, Black, Grey, Volcano, Gold, Heavy Cloudy, Lunare, Pink, Icey Blue, Golden Dot, Gold Blue, Vulcan, POSEIDON, HERA, ZEUS, HADES, ATHENA, MORPHEUS, VIRGO WITH GOLD VEIN, LIBRA, LEO, AQUARIUS, GEMINI, CAPRICORN, ARIES, PISCES, SCORPIO, Gold Antique Mirror, Gray Antique Mirror

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Glass Type
  • Aquarius
  • Aries
  • Black Antique Mirror
  • Capricorn
  • French Antique Mirror
  • Lunare Antique Mirror
  • Pink Antique Mirror
  • Pisces
  • Rainbow Antique Mirror
  • Scorpio
  • Venetian Antique Mirror
  • Virgo
  • Virgo with Gold Vein
  • Gemini
  • Gold Antique Mirror
  • Gold Blue Antique Mirror
  • Golden Dot Antique Mirror
  • Gray Antique Mirror
  • Heavy cloudy Antique
  • Icey Blue Antique Mirror
  • Leo
  • Libra
  • Light Antique Mirror
  • Volcano Antique Mirror
  • Vulcan Antique Mirror
antique mirror
Glass Thickness:
  • 1/8 Thickness
  • 1/4 Thickness
Select Edging
  • Seamed Edge
  • Flat Polished Edge
  • Beveled Edge
Glass Quantity
Safety Back

The production of safety mirror involves the film sticking machine, which technically stick the safety film on the back of the mirror stably, it would not spread around when it is broken into pieces, that ensure more safe during transportation and application.

Safety Back


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Quantity: 1


Product: Antique Mirror

Shape: round

Thickness: 1/8''

Type: Aquarius

Edging: Seamed Edge

Safety Back: No



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