chicken wire glass

At first you have to decide it that what do you want for your interior and exterior. If you want only design then you can choose any designer glass. But if you want designs as well as safety, you should install Chicken Wire Glass by Bear Glass. Bear Glass furnish a high quality Chicken Wire Glass.

What Is Chicken Wire Glass?

Chicken wire glass is a kind of safety glass. It protects you from fire. Before it was use as fire glass. Chicken Wire glass is a type of glass into which a wire mesh is installed during manufacturing. Chicken Wire glass has an impact resistance similar to that of general glass, but in case of breakage, the mesh-work retains the pieces of glass.

Chicken Wire glass is produced primarily as a fire retardant, with wire mesh decorated in the glass to prevent it from demolishing and breaking out under stress or when exposed to high temperatures.

chicken wire glass

The best seven uses of it :

  1. External use of windows, door panels, store facade in officespaces, houses, shops etc.
  2. Jewelry shops, banks, airports
  3. shop display windows, showcases, display shelves etc.
  4. Bathroom etc.
  1. Interior glass screens, partitions, balustrades etc.
  2. Furniture
  3. Museums, prisons, government buildings

Features of Chicken Wire Glass:

  • Fire-resistant safety : Wired glass is suitable to be used as an efficient fire-proof material. Even wired glass is broken in the fire, the fragments will still connect with each other by the wire mesh, and not fall down, which prevent fire from spreading.
  • Shock-resistant safety : Even if the glass is broken, the tough interlayer wires prevents fragments from shattering.
  • Transparent decoration : Translucent and exquisite pattern outside, shining and regular mesh inside form its unique decorative property.
  • Discoloration resistance : It intercepts 99% or more of incoming ultraviolet rays, protecting furniture and furnishings near windows from discoloration caused by exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Good sound insulation : It can install sound well.
  • In addition to clear pvb, we can also provide various colors to meet different requirements.

Why you choose us?

The Bear Glass team always available to give prompt replies and services. You can use our chicken wire wall or chicken wire door for your home or work place. You can also apply the glass chicken as your shower door etc.

But we not only produce the Chicken Wire Glass but also we do everything in glass and mirror. We will give you an assurance about our high quality glass that you can get it with a reasonable price.