What is ClearShield® glass?

ClearShield® is nothing but a easy glass protection technology. ClearShield® is generally used to protect glass from water and dust etc. It is a coating that is use on glass to protect it. By using of ClearShield® glass coating your glass looking new.

ClearShield® gives a low maintenance cost and easy to use glass protection security. But if you think that it is not usable for decorative glass, you are extremely wrong.

You can use it for :

1. Residential purpose :

  • You can use it on your window glasses.
  • It is applicable for your shower enclosure.
  • ClearShield® glass coating is used on decorative glass to protect from dust.
  • You can use it on front door of your home.

2. Commercial purpose :

In your office you can use it on office divider glass.

On cabinet glass, you can apply it.

Advantages of ClearShield® glass :

  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It gives shower glass protection.
  • Easy to clean.
  • By use of it the glass looking new.
  • ClearShield® creates a intact appearance of exterior.
  • It can resists finger prints and other staining on glass while using the glass.
  • It is more durable and uniform finished.
  • Significantly reduce the growth of bacteria.
  • The option of after care products that increase the long term benefits of ClearShield® and keep customers dedicated to your business.
  • The industry's best performance warranty, etc.

Why ClearShield Protection important For Sandblasted Glass

Protection with ClearShield is the ideal glass as it resists fingerprinting and staining, while maintaining the beautiful appearance of decorative glass.

Why choose Bear Glass?

Bear Glass provides high technology ClearShield® that can reduce bacterial effects, easy to apply and with a reasonable price. If you want your glass looking like new you should try our product.