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ClearShield® is a glass coating that resists glass from heat, chemicals etc. ClearShield® Glass provides a lifetime protective coating that keeps your new shower enclosure looking sparkling clear by preventing the dullness that can come from heat and humidity over time. We provide ClearShield® glass in Brooklyn, NY and all over the USA and Canada. For free consultation, contact us.Read more...

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Product Description

Protection with ClearShield® is the ideal glass as it resists fingerprinting and staining while maintaining the beautiful appearance of decorative glass. ClearShield® gives a low maintenance cost and easy to use glass protection security. But if you think that it is not usable for decorative glass, you are extremely wrong. ClearShield® is nothing but an easy glass protection technology. ClearShield® is generally used to protect the glass from water and dust etc. It is a coating that is used on glass to protect it. By using of ClearShield® glass coating your glass looking new.

Advantages of ClearShield® glass:

  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It gives shower glass protection.
  • Easy to clean.
  • By use of it the glass looking new.
  • ClearShield┬« creates an intact appearance of the exterior.
  • It can resist finger prints and other staining on the glass while using the glass.
  • It is more durable and uniforms finished.
  • Significantly reduce the growth of bacteria.
  • The option of after care products that increase the long term benefits of ClearShield┬« and keep customers dedicated to your business.
  • The industry's best performance warranty, etc.

Product Specification

Glass types: Clear glass, tinted glass, acid etched glass, glue chip glass, sandblasted glass, pattern glass, stained glass, STARPHIRE® glass.

Hole drilling: Available

Customization: Backpainting, printed glass, sandblasting, acid etching

Fabrication: Beveling, V-grooving

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