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Need fire rated glass for your office safety in NY? Bear Glass is one of the best fire rated glass fabricator, installer in NYC and Brooklyn and throughout the nation wide. We ship our product in Canada. If you need quality fire rated glass call us or you can mail us. Fire rated glass cost is reasonable at Bear Glass. For a free consultation, contact us. Read more...

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Product Description

Fire Rated Glass is a kind of safety glass which protects us from the fire that’s why it called as fireproof glass. Fire Rated Glass resists flames, smoke, and hot toxic gases from spreading from one room to another. Use it in your work place, residential purpose and also in commercial buildings.

The Benefits of Fire Proof Glass

  • A Fireproof Glass can give you a vast protection from spreading fire and heat from the fireplace.
  • Fire Rated Glass is being a safeguard from unwanted and harmful heat and hot gasses.
  • Provides probity when cracked or sprayed with water.
  • Applicable for interior and exterior utilization.
  • Relevant for use in many distinct framing schemes.
  • Readily available and easily cut.
  • Acknowledged by Fire and Building Control Authorities.

Different Types of Fire rated Glass

  • Polished Wired Glass
  • Ceramic Glass
  • Transperant And Wireless Glass
  • Specialty Tempered Glass
  • Transparent Wall

Bear Glass provides quality fire rated glass in NY, Brooklyn and throughout the USA. We do custom fire rated glass cutting, installation and fabrication in NY, Brooklyn and all over the USA. Bear Glass does the best fire rated glazing in NYC and Brooklyn City.

  • Storefront
  • Window glass
  • Doors and room dividers
  • Kitchen doors
  • Shop cabinets
  • Office dividers
  • Out side wall, etc.

Product Specification

Glass type: clear glass, tinted glass, starphire glass

Edgework options: customized

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