Glass Cut to Size

Glass is a unique building material. It transform the beauty of your interior or exterior very easily. Many ways you can use it but you have to cut it into your desired shape before using it. Glass cutting requires some extra care and some precise engineering techniques. At Bear Glass we know all the glass cutting techniques and we have the best team of glass experts to get the best results.

Besides hand cutting techniques and commonly used tools we have the latest and finest glass cutting machines in our workshops. We never hesitate to purchase new machines to give you the best quality glass cutting services.

Glass Waterjet Cutting:

waterjet cutting technology is a great method for cutting glass because it allows for contours and shapes that cannot be achieved with other cutting machines at a reasonable cost. From artistic tabletop inlays to detailed stained glass designs, mirrors, glass ornaments, replacement windows, and more, there’s almost no glass cutting application that a waterjet cutting machine can’t tackle.

Advantages of Water Jet Glass Cutting:

  • Cut glass geometry that common machining cannot perform
  • Delicate glass does not crack during processing
  • Precisely cut thin to thick glass without changing any tooling
  • Cuts glass panels up to 9” (23cm) in thickness
  • Eliminates pressure of cutting process on surface material
  • No heat effected zone
  • No tool to sharpen
  • No or reduce need for reworking of cut the edge
  • No waste of material, cutting gap
  • Cost effective means of cutting holes in glass
  • Create intricate design in any shape & size

Glass cut by Hand:

Still our customers come up with some idea where special touch is needed. In such projects glass cutting experts took the responsibility. Hand cutting involves small tools and a pair of expert hands and Bear Glass proud to have such experienced glass cutting experts.

The strange thing about glass is that we do not (usually) cut it. At least not in the traditional way of cutting things with a saw or knife. Glass is usually broken, not cut, which is why it is impossible to cut a very small amount off the side of a piece of glass. If you find that the piece of glass you just cut is slightly too big, you have two choices. You can either grind the glass down to the size you want or cut another piece.

CNC Glass Cutting Machine:

High processing precision, high processing speed and low noise. This machine can do the beeline and shape cutting on flat glass. The cutting precision can be guaranteed through the whole processing procedure. Automatic oil supply system makes convenient maintenance. It is controlled by computer by way of human-computer interface and layout.

CNC Glass cutting machine is one of the best tool in our workshop.

Cutting different types of Glass:

We can cut any kind of glass to your desired shape and size. With latest technologies and expert workers Bear Glass is always ready for your glass cutting need.

Laminated Glass Cutting:

Laminated glass is increasingly popular for its impact-resistance and sound-deadening qualities. Because there is a plastic core between the two layers of glass, cutting laminated glass is different than cutting other type of glass.

There has a trick, using a glass cutter, score both sides of glass. Then squirt a small amount of ethyl alcohol along the cut on one side and light it. This melts the plastic core. Then, using a pair of glass pliers, snap away the excess.

Wire Glass Cutting:

Wired glass is manufactured primarily as a fire retardant, with wire mesh inlaid in the glass to prevent it from shattering and breaking out under stress or when exposed to high temperatures.

Due to the wire mesh it becomes difficult to cut. But Bear Glass can cut wired glass with updated technologies. Just call us with your specification and we will cut the wired glass as per your specification on time.

Patterned Glass Cutting:

Bear Glass stocks one of the largest selection of patterns in the country. Patterned Glass is an excellent choice for many glass projects and we can cut it to your desired size and shape with precision.

Starphire Glass Cutting:

Starphire Glass is a low iron glass or ultra white glass. We stock starphire glass sheets of verious thickness. You can use Starphire Glass in many interior or exterior projects. Whatever be the thickness or how critical the shape you need, Bear Glass has the answer.

Acid etched Glass Cutting:

Walker Textures™ acid-etched glass products offer a wealth of opportunities to architects, interior designers and decorators. The consistent quality, durability and rich look of Textures products is unmatched. Walker TexturesTM glass creates a translucent satin appearance which obscures view while maintaining a high level of light transmittance. We can custom cut Acid etched Glass according to your project requirements.

Back Painted Glass Cutting:

Backsplash Glass or back painted glass is also known as painted glass. Backsplash glass creates an appealing glass effect with translucent beauty which improves your interior. We stock the largest inventory of DreamWalls© backsplash glass in the country. Come to us with your unique requirements. We can cut your painted glass in any shape.

Thick Glass Cutting:

As many of our clients need thick glass for various projects, so we stock and cut thick glass. Our water jet cutter is an excellent tool for cutting thick glass. even 1" thick is an easy job for us to cut. We know that cutting thick glass requires some steps to consider and our experts take care of it. Without these consideration your glass may broke into pieces. Cutting thick glass is an expert's job and let Bear Glass do this for you.

At Bear Glass we constantly upgrade. We are adding new machines to our arsenal of glass machines every day. We offer the best quality of Glass Cutting as well as other Glass and Mirror works at a very reasonable price. Contact Us today or ask for a free quote.