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We provide high quality glass flooring system both for residential and commercial uses. Want to install a glass floor? We provide the best quality anti slip glass floor in NY, Brooklyn. We do precision anti slip floors installation at a competitive service charge. For a free consultation, you may contact us. Read more...

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Product Description

We have the largest selection of glass floor patterns for sale in NY, Brooklyn. We provide custom fabrication and installation service for glass flooring system. We also provide the safest and quickest delivery service in New York City, Brooklyn and throughout the USA and Canada.

We are one of the best for anti slip floors in New York and Brooklyn. We stock Walker Textures® Traction - the ultimate anti slip floors product in our Brooklyn, NYC.

We are here to assist in the proper design & specification of your non slip glass floor. We provide Walker Textures® anti slip glass for floors. But custom glass flooring system is also available at Bear Glass.

Glass floor can be used in:

  • Kitchen floor
  • Bathroom floor
  • Office Space
  • Living room floor
  • Floor of shopping space
  • Restaurants and hotels, etc.

Product Specification

Etching: Two types of etching are available- Opaque & Satin

Colors: Clear and ultra-clear

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