Glass And Mirror Cleaning Tips

Need to know how to clean glass and mirror at home? Our guide will teach you to clean everything from glass / mirror furniture to flooring . There are some great eco friendly cleaning tips, too.

Steps To Clean Glass without Chemicals

Want our honest suggestion? You don't really need chemicals to clean glass and mirrors - or the most you need is a bit of washing liquid. There are many eco friendly ways to clean glass , with quicker and better results than others.

a) A Cloth And Water

For speed and results you can't beat cloth - use it with a spray bottle filled with water. Now You are ready to clean dust and muddy shift quickly from interior glass and glass furniture. For very smudge surfaces, you need to use some water diluted liquid with water and apply it with a sponge, then wipe and dry it with Cloth.

b) Vinegar, Water And Newspaper

It's an odd combination smelly and a bit messy, but it will give your glass a nice shine. Mix vinegar with water (roughly 1:4) and use a fine fibre-free cloth or soft leather to clean off dirt. For a really good shine, polish the glass with crumpled newspaper - or use the soft leather or fibre-free cloth.

The exterior part of glass and mirror need more than diluted vinegar to clean. Dilute washing liquid, preferably used with a sponge and squeegee (wiper with a handle) will do the trick. You can then polish them to a shine with newspaper or fibre-free cloth.

c) Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaner are not strictly eco friendly in as it use electricity to run, but they do an amazing job on just about every surface in the home, without the need for chemicals.

So, how does it work? Their powerful steam dissolve oil and dirt quickly without much effort and also sterilize the surfaces, and while they do a great job on cleaning glass, they also tackle glass tiles, glass tops, backsplash, glass carpets. They usually come with brushes and nozzles to get into difficult spaces, and are particularly good at getting at the black smut that collects between the glass window and the frame.

Remember, moisture is the enemy of all mirrors. Vinegar, water doesn’t matter. All moisture is bad to a mirror. It can divide the metal layers so that it gets a unusual black edge going. Even the well-made mirror in the world will suffer from this. It’s simply the nature of how a mirror is put together. So ventilate by using fan during your shower. Never let any liquid run to the edge of your mirror. And never spray anything directly on a mirror.

Mirror Cleaning Tips

Now, we can talk more about cleaning Mirror. Most mirrors just get things like water spots, hairspray, and toothpaste on them. That is super easy to clean.

glass and mirror cleaning

a) Daily dusting:

Use a clean, dry, soft cloth for daily dusting.

b) Periodic washing:

You can Use a crumpled up piece of newspaper with a little water instead of Paper towels . It works!
Use your single-sided razor blade at an angle to lift crispy that remains.

Use gentle hand soap on a damp rag and work on the all greasy spot. Be sure you don’t spray directly on the mirror and let it run to the edge. That’s a no-no.

Things work wonders on de-greasing acid etched glass and mirror around our place. Keep it damp, not wet, and work in small circles. Immediately wipe of a clean, dry cloth.

glass and mirror cleaning

What about use of vinegar for mirror?

I always read about vinegar: It is good for sanitizing and killing germs, but most mirrors and glass don’t need that. But if you’re using it on a damp clean piece of newspaper, a swipe won’t hurt your mirror or glass. It is more environmentally friendly than other chemicals that could be used, I suppose. Don’t let it stand for a long time on your products because it can damage your hardware.

Always remember that an expert can do the magic that you can't. But don't worry Glass and Mirror Cleaning Experts are just a call away from you.