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Looking for glass store front installer in NY or any city of USA? Well, Bear Glass offers high-quality glass storefront for you. Glass storefront doors are designed for large glass openings. We provide tempered glass, blast-proof glass for storefront in NY, Brooklyn, and all over the USA. For commercial entry doors you can use tempered glass or laminated glass. We do custom glass storefront installation and replacement at a reasonable cost in NY, Brooklyn and all over the USA and Canada. For free consultation, contact us.Read more...

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Product Description

Glass Storefront doors are the most important part of your store. The commercial glass doors are the crown jewel that attracts your customers. So be selective and creative to install your glass storefront. Bear Glass is ready to take care of your glass storefront so it helps your business positively. Maintaining a clean, safe and inviting glass storefront is key to success in any business.

A modern storefront increases the value of the premises. This is a renovation that can add value to the building if you ever decide to change locations.

If you want a custom glass storefront, you can install acid etched glass, tinted glass, Clear glass, STARPHIRE® glass, etc. For a commercial entry door or glass storefront, laminated glass, tempered glass would be the best option for you.

There are 3 basic reasons to install a commercial glass door or a glass stotefront. They are:

Advertising: Advertising: If you want to feature or advertising your products, you can install a glass storefront door.

Increased Visibility: The main security benefit of a glass storefront is that a thief won’t be able to hide out in your shop. Since anyone passing by is able to see through the glass.

Easy Maintenance: If your commercial glass doors or storefront is made of a fancy material or features a mural, you’ll spend a lot of time maintaining it. With a nice window, cleaning is easy and effective.

Installing the glass helps in making your store more attractive than conventional options. So, for a few decades, we has seen that most of the stores are installing glass storefronts.

Insulated glass and digital glass printing are also available for glass storefront in NY, Brooklyn and all over the USA. Low-iron glass or STARPHIRE® glass are generally used for glass storefront. Fire resistant glass, soundproof glass, UV block glass, one way glass are also used as storefront glass.

We are one of the best glass store front installer NYC. If your storefront glass is broken and you want to replace it, call us immediately. We also provide the quickest installation service in New York City, Brooklyn and throughout the USA and Canada.

Product Specification

Glass type: laminated glass, tempered glass, insulated glass, soundproof glass, UV block glass, one way glass.

Customization with: Digital glass printing, acid etching, sandblasting

Hole drilling: Available

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Great Customer Service experience from the bear glass. The sales and service team were very knowledgeable and extremely patient with my so many questions. They installed front glass of my Pawn Shop.

- N.Dingman

Bear Glass came to our rescue as my storefront broke due to an accident in Brooklyn. They delivered within a day. I appreciate their fast and professional service.

- Mark

These guys are great! The glass door for my storefront in LV is super clear.

- Stephanie