What is a low iron glass

Low iron glass is also known as toughened tglass and as laminated glass. Low iron glass is expressly made for extraordinary translucency, and will not dumb or disfigure the actual tints in the color orbit. This ultra clear, water white or low iron glass is made to be crystal clear and fundamentally tint−free. The expanded transparency is accomplished by abolishing most of the iron oxide from the materials used to produce the glass.

What’s the difference between Low Iron and Clear Float glass?

Our crux tint spectrum applies two types of glass:

  • Low Iron or Starphire glass which is 99% crystal clear glass.
  • Clear Float or Float glass which has an instinctive greentint to it.

Both types of glass have the equal performance levels; the only distinguish is that Low e glass is appropriate for whites and off-white colors, matching to ritzy colors, and is morecostly. Whereas the Float glass affects lighter colors due to the green tint.

So Clear, It´s Almost Transparent

Low iron glass is exclusively made for extra ordinaryaccuracy, and will not dull or distort the true hues in thetinge spectrum. This ultra clear, water white or low iron glass is made to be crystal clear and practically tinge-free. Low iron can have as little as 10% of the iron content of clear glass.

Low Iron Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is familiar as a safety glass. But the way laminated glass created, makes it thicker than normal or regular glass. As we discussed above that the iron contents in the normal glass makes glass a less clear now think of a laminated glass that is much more thick. It means the clarity will be much less in it. But for Low iron glass it's not the case. A laminated glass made with low iron glass is much clear and this is the main reason why people opting low iron glass for their laminated glass need.

Application fields Of Low Iron Glass

Where you need more clarity, low iron glass is a perfect choice. Some of the common uses of low iron glass are as follows.

  • Store facade
  • Skylights
  • Greenhouses
  • Cabinet Doors
  • Jewelry Showcases
  • Table tops
  • Windows
  • Glass Fish Tanks
  • Solar panels
  • Shower doors

Bear Glass proud to offer two of the most efficient Low-Iron Glass OptiWhite™and Starphire® Ultra Clear Glass. Both of these low iron crystal clear glass meets the standards.

Prosperity of Low Iron Glass Products:

  • Low Iron Glass provides formative benefits in comparison to standard float glass. Particularly, it is characterized by a higher transparency and a more neutral color, making glass ideal where high visibility and clarity are required.
  • Colored Low Iron Glass displays true color with no green tint underlay, regardless of panel thickness. Coloring the glass is monitored according to strict standards, ensuring the prefect hue every time.
  • Low Iron Glass is suitable for most all glass applications and is favored by architects, initiators, developers and consumers.
  • Low Iron Glass is also suitable for screen printing, acid etching, heat treatment and decorating with ceramic colors. Its outstanding photometric properties allow technical applications such as solar and thermal collectors.