Mirror Furniture

Welcome to the Bear Glass a place for quality glass and mirror stocks. We are the professional mirror furniture maker. Superb quality and unimaginable price makes us the best choice for your mirrored furniture.

Mirrored furniture emerge from Venice, Italy. However, this design of furniture did not remain unique to Italy for long. This type of furniture grow into a part of every lifestyle in the world. Mirror furniture is luxurious, elegant but what makes it exclusive is it´s eternity. It accentuate the light and space in your room.

Welfare of Mirrored Furniture:

The timeless nature of mirrored furniture mirrored dresser, mirrored console table, mirrored desk etc. makes it an investment of whole life. They are fashionable and classic. However there are other prosperity of this type of furniture as listed below :

  • Uncomplicateddesign with delicacy make mirrored furniture exclusive.
  • Mirror furniture is easy to clean
  • This is a furniture for Long lasting artistry.
  • Mirrored furniture upgrade the light and space in your room.
  • Cost impressive.

Various kind of Mirrored Furniture:

There are an endless possibilities for furniture to be mirrored. Here we list out some of the demanding furniture types.

  • Mirrored Dressing Tables
  • Mirrored Bedside Tables
  • Mirrored Chest
  • Mirrored wardrobes
  • Mirrored Cabinets
  • Mirrored Corner Table

Decorator´s Trick:

The concept of having your mirrored furniture is catching on fast as more and more people are buying mirrored furniture.

When you want to make a small dining area use decorator's tricks. If you want to make a tiny room appear much larger, then you can rely on those same tricks.

What is those tricks? Use of mirrored furniture. Causes the mind to see any furnished area as more roomy and expansive than it really is.

Some care you should take:

  • Always lift; never drag your mirrored furniture. This will help to avert damage to the joints.
  • Avert placing your mirrored furniture behind any doors where it can be comfortably hit.
  • Always clean up any sprinkle instantly using a moist cloth and polish to leave a glimmer finish.
  • Always follow the care guidance that are equipped with your mirrored furniture.

Starphite® Mirror Furniture:

Instead of using normal mirror, you can use Starphite® mirror for your furniture. STARPHIRE® Mirror is the clearest, truest reflection available. The substrate glass is glass that has a lower mineral during the float-glass production process. The result is that when silvered, it has less of the blue-green tint that can make your mirror have slightly greenish reflections. Skin tones are brighter, colors are truer, and the reflection appears more crisp and detailed.

  • instinctive, lukewarm reflections
  • Highest visible light transmittance: (91%, compared to what could be as low as 83% for regular glass)
  • Expand tint cleanliness and vibrancy of reflections.
  • What target groups frequently say the reflection is apparently better − that details look sharper and more "in focus".

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