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Pattern glass available in NYC, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and throughout the USA and Canada at Bear Glass. We offer the widest range of high-quality custom fabricated pattern glass for you. We have the safest delivery network in the USA. Call us for a free consultation, contact us. Read more...

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Product Description

Pattern Glass is designed with a pattern impressed on a side of the glass. This glass gives you privacy because of its translucent nature. You can order a wide range of tints for the glass. The surface of the glass is not smooth because of its various patterns impressed on the glass. The glass is used especially in commercial and residential places. Pattern glass is used as frameless shower doors, partition walls, doors, windows, and many more. We supply our products worldwide.

A long time ago Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) known as “pattern glass”, “pressed glass”, or “Victorian glass”. This pressed glass patterns made during the Victorian era (1850-1910).

On that time EAPG was manufactured clear crystal and in a limited number of colors. The number of patterns produced in extensive sets was probably closer to 1000. In the 3rd and 4th decade of the 20th century, sets of pressed glass dishes were made also and those are generally referred to as “Depression Era Glass”.

Patterned glass is generally made by acid etching or sandblasting method. Nowadays this type of pressed glass patterns is known to all. Bear Glass gives you to choose your favorite design in American pattern glass.

Bear Glass can install precision textured glass installation in NY, Brooklyn and all over the USA. We can give you the best quality service and also we give support after installation. Pattern glass windows can be installed by us. The textured glass has four types obscurity level, they are: Transparent Glass (level-1), Minimally obscure glass (level-2), Moderately obscure glass (level-3), Obscure glass (level-4).

Some of obscure glass patterns:

glass pattern

Pattern 101

glass pattern

Pattern 102

glass pattern

Pattern 103

glass pattern

Pattern 104

glass pattern

Pattern 105

We ship our products in NY, Brooklyn, PA, VA, and throughout the USA and Canada. Custom fabrication is also available for textured glass. We provide quickest and safest delivery service in NY, Brooklyn and in the USA. For your obscure glass patterns, call us.

Product Specification

Glass type: clear glass, STARPHIRE® glass, acid etched glass

Colors: Clear, Bronze, Grey, Black, Green, Blue or ultra clear.

Glass thicknesses: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8"

Hole drilling: available

Finish: 'Two-tone' acid-etched

Size available: 67"X87", 60"X84", 65"X85", 78"X100"

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I recommend Pattern glass from Bear Glass because of the cool designs they offer.

- C. Garfield

Bear Glass delivered pattern glass on time. Really impressed with their service. I liked the way they fabricate glasses.

- Alisa

They let me choose my own design. Best glass fabricator in NYC

- Barbara

I live in New Jersey. I found this website and checked their products as I had a similar requirement. I found this product and ordered. Their professional installers installed the glass very quickly.

- Ron K

I’m pleased with Bear Glass services.

- Henna