PPG Graylite® II Glass Privacy Glass with a Punch

From warm grays to bold blacks, PPG High-Performance Gray glasses are a critical part of the architect’s decorative repertoire. PPG offers Graylite® Glass that deliver good looks, together with exceptional UV protection and excellent solar control characteristics.

Bear Glass is One Of PPG's Largest Authorized Distributor in The Country

Graylite® II Glass

For an even bolder, dark aesthetic, PPG offers Graylite® II glass, which delivers optimum levels of solar control together with a fashionable, nearly black appearance.

In a one-inch insulating unit, Graylite® II glass has a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.21, which is also among the lowest available for any uncoated glass. In addition, Graylite® II glass helps protect interior fabrics and colorsfrom fading by blocking up to 98% of the sun’s ultraviolet energy — more than any architectural glass on the market today.

With Visible Light Transmittance of just 9%, Graylite® II glass is ideal for glare control and privacy glazing.

For detailed performance data, please review the Graylite® II Glass product data sheet.

Fabrication and Availability

At Bear Glass we can fabricate PPG Graylite® II Glass according to your need. e heatstrengthened, tempered and laminated Graylite® II Glass are readily available at our both locations NY & NJ.