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Bear Glass provides you the service of sandblasting glass. Sandblasting glass is becoming one of the very popular methods of etching glass. Sandblasting glass can result in producing the most elegant etching on glass. At Bear Glass we stock a large variety of glass and mirrors and offer many different types of fabrication along with your sandblasting designs.we also provides anything in glass and mirror. Read more...

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Product Description

Sandblasting is like to paint on glass. Every design is possible in sandblasting. A creative and decorative way of designing glass is by enhancing it by the sandblasting glass method. Basically, a matte finished look is being etched into a glass or mirror surface.

Sand-blasted glass can be used in numerous interior design applications in both residential and commercial structures. Some of uses are:

  • Glass panels for Front Doors : Sand blasted is used as glass panels for front doors of your home or4 office.
  • Sandblasted Glass as Shower Enclosure : For Shower Doors or walls you can used sandblasted glass.
  • Designed Glass Partition Wall : For office dividers or as room partitioner you can use the sand blasted.
  • Cabinet Doors : As a designer cabinet doors Bear Glass provides sand blast5ed glass for decorating your cabinets.
  • Nameplates : For a designer name plate you my choose the sand blasting.

Product Specification

Glass type: Clear, low-iron

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