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Bear Glass is one of the best stained glass fabricator, installer and distributor in NYC and Brooklyn and throughout the nation wide. We also ship our product in Canada. We also provide custom stained glass in NYC, Brooklyn City. If you are searching for the stained glass windows installer in NY, call us. For a free consultancy, contact us. Read more...

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Product Description

Stained Glass mainly refers as colored glass. Stained glass, as an art and a craft, requires the artistic skill to conceive an appropriate and workable design, and the engineering skills to assemble the piece. The colored glass used to form decorative or pictorial designs, typically by setting contrasting pieces in a lead framework like a mosaic and used for church windows.

Stained glass is looking very elegant. We can see stained glass window in churches. But it is not only used in churches but also in residential purpose too. It will be looking too gorgeous and unique if you try the stained glass panels in your office space. Stained glass design gives you a dramatic look for your interiors.

Advantages Of Stained Glass

  • Creates a beautiful ambiance
  • Allow lights in
  • Stop viewing by outsider
  • Long lasting, versatileand attractive
  • It can be tempered, impact or even bulletproof, etc.

Bear Glass provides custom stained glass windows for sale at a competitive price. Bear Glass stained glass creates a dramatic appearance. We do custom stained glass cutting, installation and fabrication in NY, Brooklyn and all over the USA. Stained glass windows can install as a church window glass.This type of art glass uses mainly for door panels, windows, fanlights, mirrors etc.

Stained glass panels are mainly used for:

  • door
  • Window
  • partition wall
  • Glass railing
  • Cabinet Doors
  • Glass furniture and much more!

With stained art glass you can have red, white, taupe, gun metal, just about any color you want. Bear Glass manufactures Clear, Black and Grey line resin with hundreds of colors and designs to choose from.

Product Specification

Glass thickness: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8"

Glass size: 48"X84", 96"X130", 88"X126"

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