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Need STARPHIRE® glass ? Bear Glass is one of the best STARPHIRE® glass fabricator, installer and distributor in NYC and Brooklyn and throughout the nationwide. We also ship our product in Canada. We provide up to 1” thick STARPHIRE® glass for your custom requirements in NYC, Brooklyn City. If you are searching for the STARPHIRE® glass fabricator in NY, call us. For a free consultancy, contact us. Read more...

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Product Description

STARPHIRE® Glass is mainly considered as ultra clear glass than general type glass. This is the ultimate version in the ultra clear glass automation till now. Its impressive transparency, excellence, and luxury will affect you to find new and innovative ways to apply it both for interior and exterior utilization and for both private residences and commercial buildings. Starphire Glass is also noted as low iron glass.

STARPHIRE® provides formative advantages in comparison to standard float glass. Particularly, it is characterized by a higher transparency and a more neutral color, making the glass ideal where high visibility and clarity are required.

Colored STARPHIRE® displays true color with no green tint underlay, regardless of the panel thickness. Coloring the glass is monitored strictly to ensure standards, and get the perfect hue every time.

STARPHIRE® is suitable for almost all glass applications and is favored by architects, initiators, developers, and consumers.

STARPHIRE® glass is also suitable for screen printing, acid etching, heat treatment and decorating with ceramic colors. Its outstanding photometric properties allow technical applications such as solar and thermal collectors.

We ship our products in NY, Brooklyn, PA, VA, and throughout the USA and Canada. Custom cut glass and fabrication are also available for STARPHIRE® glass. We provide quickest and safest delivery service in New York, Brooklyn and all over the USA.

We also do starfire glass cut to size and installation in NY, Brooklyn and all over the USA. starfire glass can be machined, drilled, edged and polished.

This STARPHIRE® glass panels are mainly used for:

  • Doors
  • Window
  • Cabinet doors
  • Shower door:
  • Glass wall
  • Glass railing
  • Jewelry showcase
  • Glass tables
  • Glass furniture
  • Glass partition

Product Specification

Customization: Backpainting, printing, acid etching, sandblasting

Lamination: Available

Glass tempering: Available

Available size: 96" X 130", 88" X 126"

Available thickness: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1"

Available edgeworks: Bevel Edge, Bevel Both Sides Edge, Double Bevel Edge, Miter Edge, Chamfer Edge, Flat Polish/ Ground, Pencil Polish/ Ground, Ogee Edge, Ogee Bevel Edge, Water Fall Edge, Clean Cut, Seamed Edge.

Hole drilling: Available

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  • Clear Glass
  • Low Iron Glass
  • Tint (Bronze)
  • Tint (Grey)
  • Tint (Blue)
  • Tint (Green)
  • Tint (Super Grey)
  • Tint (Mirror Pane)
  • Frosted (Etch) Glass
  • 1/8 Thickness
  • 5/32 Thickness
  • 3/16 Thickness
  • 1/8 Thickness
  • 3/8 Thickness
  • 1/2 Thickness
  • 3/4 Thickness
  • No Hole
  • Center Hole (umbrella hole)
  • Beveled Polish
  • Flat Polish
  • Annealed (Standard) Glass
  • Tempered Glass



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Outstanding service! They always respond to my email on time. I appreciate their efforts.

- J.David

I liked the clear glass they supplied. Awesome product!

- Aria