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Need a thick glass for your table top? Come to Bear Glass. We provide up to 1” thick glass with custom fabrication. we are the best thick glass suppliers, fabricators and installer in NY, Brooklyn and all over the USA. We also sale our product in Canada. Any type of thick glass like; backpainted glass, Low-iron glass, clear glass, tinted glass are available at Bear Glass NY. For a free consultation, contact us. Read more...

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Product Description

At Bear Glass we stock a large selection of thick glass for your different needs. From clear thick glass to marble glass whatever be your need, we can offer every types of thick glass. Thick Glass is widely used for various type of applications. You can have the beauty of the glass with capacity to take load.

Thick windows and other products are generally at least half an inch to three-quarters of an inch thick. Although it can withstand significantly more pressure than thinner models, the product does not go through any type of strengthening process. The glass can take more stress simply because it is thicker.

Thick glass cutting is a difficult job which needs expert crafts men and finest machines. Bear Glass proud to have both experienced Glass Experts and latest Glass cutting machines. Our CNC Glass Cutting Machines are able to cut any shape out of thick glass.

Uses of thick glass:

  • kitchen countertops
  • Bar table tops
  • Windows
  • Hospitality Glass Counter
  • Glass floors
  • patio Table tops and much more

STARPHIRE® or Low-iron thick glass, backpainted thick glass, can be used in windows, table tops, kitchen countertops, etc.

Product Specification

Glass thickness: Up to 1” thick

Customization: Backpainting

Hole drilling: Available

Available edgeworks: Bevel Edge, Bevel Both Sides Edge, Double Bevel Edge, Miter Edge, Chamfer Edge, Flat Polish/ Ground, Pencil Polish/ Ground, Ogee Edge, Ogee Bevel Edge, Water Fall Edge, Clean Cut, Seamed Edge.

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