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We provide the high-quality bird friendly glass in NY, Brooklyn City. If you are suffering for bird collision on the out side of your building or house then install a bird friendly glass. We can install and fabricate the bird friendly glass both for home and commercial buildings. For a free consultation, contact us. Read more...

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Product Description

AviProtek® Bird Friendly Glass protects bird collisions. It gives security the birds from the glass. Birds cannot understand general type glass at the same time a bird can see the Bird Friendly Glass. As it safe birds life it can call as bird safe glass. Walker Textures™ provides this glass.The average collisions of birds in a year near about 1 billion. So if you want to reduce the birds crash you can choose the AviProtek® Bird Friendly glass for your interiors and exteriors too.

We provide AviProtek® bird friendly glass at a reasonable cost. Our high-quality bird friendly glass can protect birds from the collision. We ship our product in NY, NJ, Brooklyn, PA, VA and all over the USA and Canada. We provide quickest and safest delivery service in NY, Brooklyn and in the USA.

As a multi-functional glass, our glass is the only clear glass solution to bird collisions, and is available as laminated glass or a double-glazed insulated unit with a low-E or solar control coating, offering energy efficiency and bird strike protection.

You can install a bird friendly glass on:

  • It can be used in buildings,
  • In your home,
  • Shopping mall,It can be used in buildings,
  • In your office .etc.

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Overall Ratings:

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I ordered AviProtek® Bird Friendly Glass from Bear Glass. Their delivery is the fastest in my experience.

- Peterson

The bird-friendly glass is protecting so many innocent birds from the collision.

- S. Kelly

Hi, I’m Rosy from Texas. I work as an architect, and every year hundreds of poor birds die or injured due to collision with glasses installed exterior. Now we have started purchasing Bear Glass bird-friendly glass and now the incident of bird-collision significantly reduced.

- Rosy