Laminated Glass

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Product Description

Laminated Glass is one of the mostly used safety glass in building projects. Laminated safety glass takes the idea of safety glass a step further. Tempered glass is very safe, but if somehow broken still results in pieces of broken glass, although dull these can still be a hassle. Laminated safety glass keeps those pieces of glass safely in place. Laminated safety glass is crafted by adhering two pieces of annealed glass together by a vinyl layer. The vinyl layer holds the glass together if the glass is broken or impaled. The optical quality, durability and maintenance of the laminate are virtually the same as regular glass.

Custom laminated glass by Bear Glass is available in the variety of patterns and colors. Customized looks can be created with inlays. The color laminated glass is an almost inexhaustible range of Custom colored laminated glasses, comprising at least two sheets of glass bonded together with a colored plastic interlayer. Using any combination of the basic color films, virtually any color either translucent or transparent can be created.

There are many reasons for choosing it:

  • Safety and security

  • Sound reduction capability

  • Solar energy control capability

  • UV Control

  • Protection from weather and natural disasters

  • Low visual distortion

  • Durable

We provide backpainted laminated glass, laminated printed glass, laminated mirror, acid etched glass, at a reasonable cost. We also provide 1” thick laminated safety glass in NY, Brooklyn and throughout the USA. Laminated glass table tops, laminated glass countertops are available at Bear Glass. Laminated safety glass is remarkably realistic and exceptionally durable -resistant to staining, scratches, wear and fading. Whether you want high gloss, distressed, or hand scraped textures, you're sure to find all the latest trends.

Uses of laminated glass:

  • Residential and Commercial glazing
  • Art Galleries
  • Jewelry Shops
  • Schools
  • Government Buildings
  • Cash Counters
  • Combat or Security Vehicles

Besides this Laminated Glass can be used in various other places such as:

  • Skylight
  • Glass roofs / floors
  • Aquarium
  • Teller
  • Drive through windows
  • Gas stations
  • Embassies
  • Computer centres
  • Liquor Stores

Product Specification

Glass type: STARPHIRE® glass, clear glass, painted glass, acid etched glass, printed glass, mirror

Glass size: 32"X78", 28"X80", 34"X 80", 84"X130", 72"X96", 36"X84"

Glass thickness: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"

Edgeworks: Bevel Edge, Bevel Both Sides Edge, Double Bevel Edge, Miter Edge, Chamfer Edge, Flat Polish/ Ground, Pencil Polish/ Ground, Ogee Edge, Ogee Bevel Edge, Water Fall Edge, Clean Cut, Seamed Edge.

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