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PPG® paint presents a glass coating named Clarvista®. Clarvista® is a glass coating that resists glass from heat, chemicals etc. Clarvista® Glass provides a lifetime protective coating that keeps your new shower enclosure looking sparkling clear by preventing the dullness that can come from heat and humidity over time. We provide PPG® paint Clarvista® glass in NY, Brooklyn and all over the USA and Canada. For free consultation, contact us. Read more...

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Product Description

PPG® paint Clarvista® glass prevents erosion caused by heat, humidity, soap and domestic cleaning products. With daily maintenance, the glass looks absolutely longer than other coated and uncoated glass.

Bear Glass Clarvista® Glass has a coating, blended to the glass, sealing the glass surface to provide a protective barrier.

The coating cope the high temperatures required to thermally temper (strengthen) glass to meet security codes for shower enclosures. Which is why, with regular care, shower enclosures built with any of the available varieties of Clarvista®glass can keep their "like new" look longer.

The coating of Clarvista® is invisible and does not distract from the glass’s aesthetic quality.


In scrap- and chemical-resistance tests, followed by 1,000 hours of exposure to increased heat and humidity tests in a incisive environment, tempered Clarvista® glass by Bear Glass maintained its original appearance, outperforming tempered uncoated glass and tempered coated glass from a leading competitor.

Because of its coating, Clarvista® glass by Bear Glass processes like regular glass. As a result, it is easier to handle and temper than other coated shower glass products, and it is no more susceptible to surface scratches than uncoated glass.

Bear Glass Clarvista® glass does not require furnace modifications or additional equipment. Bear Glass recommends that fabricators use standard furnace heat cycles appropriate to the glass thickness and substrate.

Product Specification

Glass type: Clear and Ultra clear

Glass size: 96"x130"

Glass thickness:1/4", 3/8", 1/2"

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Bear Glass is the most efficient supplier of Clarvista® Glass in the USA. I’m satisfied with their delivery system.

- Alexa E.