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We are one of the best custom mirror fabricator, installer and suppliers in New York, Brooklyn and all over the USA and Canada. Any type of mirror, we provide at a reasonable price. Clear mirror, STARPHIRE® mirror are available at Bear glass. Any size and shape, we can provide. For a free consultation, contact us. Read more...

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Product Description

A custom mirror can express your passion and imagination that how you want to decorate your interior. Mirrors are fashionable and decorative products that can economically beautify any room. Let our extensive array of mirror projects spark your imagination. Custom mirrors subtly open up the home with the reflective illusion that's quiet and dignified. Whether it is a mirror for your bathroom, bedroom, living room, closet, or exercise room unleash your artistic side and let your creativity run wild. We are behind you all the way from start to finish.

We have a largest stock of custom mirror for you to use every where in your home and office, though it's an exquisite mirror for the dining room or a dapper one for the bedroom, hotel rooms and lobby, restaurant, bathrooms. Custom mirror is a great idea to make your interior elegant.

We offer the custom mirror cutting in NY, Brooklyn and all over the USA. Scrutinize our ample dimension of shapes, like half-round, rectangular, oval mirrors and more. We provide STARPHIRE® mirror, clear mirror. We also provide frameless mirror and framed large mirror, used in gym center. We offer custom shaped mirrors for your interiors.

Whether you’re using them to make sure your tie is straight or to add depth and natural light to a room, mirrors have a place in your home. Bear Glass can provide custom mirrors that will increase the beauty of your residence while giving it a unique look. These custom mirrors can be a variety of shapes and sizes and will add that special touch to your residence.

The mirrors can be cut to your exact specifications so they fit perfectly in your home. If you have the vision, we can make it happen.

We create frameless mirrors at 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/14” of thickness and also use standard edgework options such as bevel or pencil edge.

There are many kind of custom mirrors like-

  • wall mirror

  • custom bathroom mirrors

  • gym mirrors

  • ceiling mirrors

  • vanity mirrors etc.

Product Specification

Mirror type: STARPHIRE® mirror, clear mirror

Mirror size: Clear mirror: 48"X96", 96"X130", 72"X96", 84"X130", 48"X100", 60"X100", 60"X120", 72"X100", 72"X120", 84"X100", 84"X120", 100"X144", 96"X130" STARPHIRE® mirror: 88"X126", 96"X130"

Mirror tempering: Available

Mirror lamination: Available

Egdework options: Bevel Edge, Bevel Both Sides Edge, Double Bevel Edge, Miter Edge, Chamfer Edge, Flat Polish/ Ground, Pencil Polish/ Ground, Ogee Edge, Ogee Bevel Edge, Water Fall Edge, Clean Cut, Seamed Edge

Hole drilling: Available

Bear Glass is a full Glass Fabricator in Queens, NY. We are third generation glaziers. We do everything in Glass & Mirror. We deliver to the tri-state area 5 days a week, with 5 trucks on the road daily. Also, we ship nationwide.

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