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Glass table carpets


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Glass table carpet is an important part of your glass cutting table. It improves your glass cutting table performance. Bear Glass offers you premium quality glass table carpet in an unbelievable price.

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Product Description

Our glass cutting table carpets are used for both manual and automatic glass cutting table. Carpet is custom cut to your table size or provided on lineal foot basis and is shipped to your location with our efficient delivery system.

Why you purchase Glass Table Carpet from Bear Glass?

Unbelievable price is one of the top reason to choose us. High quality carpets that improve the performance of your glass cutting tools. The perfect black color Gives High Visibility for Seeing Glass Cuts. Improves Cutting Yields & Reduces Material Losses. Carpet is custom cut to your table size or provided on lineal foot basis. The long wearing & non scratch surface improves the quality and life of the carpet. carpet is smooth and wrinkle free. Bear Glass also ship the carpet to your location.

Glass Table Carpet installation instruction:

If your table is equipped with air check ball/chambers then remove the chambers before installing the new carpet. new carpet will be supplied slightly oversized for ease of installation. Layout your carpet and precut to your desired size making sure to leave excess material to overhang each edge. Using a scraper blade clean excess old glue or carpet debris from the table top surface. Failure to properly clean your table top will result in your new carpet being installed with lumps or bumps underneath the carpet covering. Using a serrated tooth trowel spread a light even coating of acrylic latex low shear adhesive carpet glue on to the wood top of your table. The recommended adhesive is All Purpose 222 Latex Base Carpet Glue by L.B. Brinkman. Make sure that you are using low shear adhesive glue rather than high shear glue as low shear glue insures in ease of removal of the old carpet when future replacement is necessary. Use of a high shear adhesive will result in difficult removal of old carpet. After spreading the adhesive over the wood table top position the carpet for the desired overhang on each table edge. Apply pressure to the carpet to make sure the adhesive becomes in full contact with the carpet. Pressure may be applied by hand, sliding a smooth heavy item over the table carpet or by rolling with weighted carpet roller. When the carpet is smooth and snug to the table top then weigh down the carpet to allow the adhesive to cure. Weighting can be achieved by placing glass sheeting, particle board or sheet metal on top of the carpeted surface. When the adhesive is cured cut out the openings for the ball check chambers and reinstall the chambers. To handle the excess carpet around the edges wrap the carpet underneath the table edges and staple.

Product Specification

Carpet type: Carpet Tiles, Broadloom Carpet, Woven Carpet, Healthcare Carpet

Customization with: Color, size

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Great Customer Service experience from the bear glass. The sales and service team were very knowledgeable and extremely patient with my so many questions. They installed front glass of my Pawn Shop.

- N.Dingman

Bear Glass came to our rescue as my storefront broke due to an accident in Brooklyn. They delivered within a day. I appreciate their fast and professional service.

- Mark

These guys are great! The glass door for my storefront in LV is super clear.

- Stephanie