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Install glass wall for your interior partition at an affordable price. Bear Glass offers quality glass wall partition for your interior decoration in NY, NJ, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and all over the USA and Canada. Any type of glass wall panels, sliding wall panels, frameless glass wall system are available at Bear Glass in NY, Brooklyn and throughout the nation. For a free consultation, contact us. Read more...

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Product Description

Bear Glass offers acid etched glass wall panels, tinted glass wall, STARPHIRE® glass wall, patterned glass sliding wall panels, frameless glass wall system installation at a reasonable cost. We ship our products in NY, Brooklyn, PA, VA, and throughout the USA and Canada. We also do hole drilling for sliding wall panels,frameless glass wall system, and any type glass wall partitions. The glass we install for wall partition is high-quality. Glass wall is mostly used in commercial places and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Advantages Of Glass Wall Partitions

  • The glass wall panels that absorb, refract or transmits light. It can be made transparent or translucent so it adds extraordinary beauty to the building.
  • Glass wall transmits up to 80% of available natural day light in both directions without any yellowing, clouding or weathering.
  • An exterior glass wall is fully weathered resistance so glass wall partitions can withstand the effects of the wind, rain, or the sun and can retain its appearance and integrity.
  • Glass does not rust so it does not degrade gradually by chemical and surrounding environment effects.
  • Glass has a smooth glossy surface so it is dust proof and can be easily cleaned.
  • Glass walls allow natural light to enter the house even if doors/windows are closed so thus it saves energy and also lowers the electricity bills, brightens up the room and brings out the beauty of the home, and most importantly it boosts the mood of the occupant.
  • Exterior glass wall is an excellent insulator against electricity.It is impossible to conduct an electric current under the influence of an electric field.
  • Available in varieties of colors and when we combine the glass sheet in laminated or insulated units, they change in color and appearance.
  • It can be blown, drawn and pressed to any shape and hence it is used for general glazing purposes in building, shop fronts, building doors and windows, and workshops. It is also used for furniture after being laminated with plywood or metal sheet. Glass provides an ideal way to showcase a product.
  • Available in varieties of colors and when we combine the glass sheet in laminated or insulated units, they change in color and appearance.
  • The exterior glass wall panels are UV stable. Since It is not attacked by ultraviolet radiation and hence cracks, discolouration or disintegration will not occur.
  • Exterior glass wall is unaffected by noise, air, water and most of the acids hence discoloration, alteration in the degree of shine, softening, swelling, the detachment of coatings and blistering will not occur. Glass also protects against outside barriers.
  • Glass wall has the ability to make the structure look more stunning, sophisticated and adds beauty to the building.

We provide glass wall system with your custom specifications, like sliding glass wall, glass movable walls, etc. Any design can possible for a custom glass panels. If your glass wall has broken, contact us. We provide the quickest service for broken glass wall replacement in NY, Brooklyn and all over the USA and Canada.

Bear Glass provides these type of glass wall:

  • Vertical channel glass systems
  • Channel glass systems
  • Single Block Partition Wall

The huge uses of glass wall panels are: hotels, restaurants, office partition, interior room dividers, shopping, mall, etc.

Product Specification

Glass type: Clear glass, STARPHIRE® glass, tinted glass, stained glass, pattern glass, soundproof glass, safety glass, UV block glass, reflective glass

Glass tempering: Available

Hole drilling: Available

Customization with: Acid etching, sandblasting, digital glass printing, glue chipping, backpainting

Wall type: Sliding glass wall, frameless glass wall system

Bear Glass is a full Glass Fabricator in Brooklyn, NY. We are third generation glaziers. We do everything in Glass & Mirror. We deliver to the tri-state area 5 days a week, with 5 trucks on the road daily. Also, we ship nationwide.

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