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Museum Quality Showcase helps you displaying your valuable and beautiful product to the people. Bear Glass offers museum quality glass showcases in USA and Canada. We offers a wide variety of products fit for different kinds of occasions and purposes. We can customize it according to your specifications. Bear Glass is the best place to order your custom museum quality showcases. For a free consultation, contact us. Read more...

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Product Description

Museum Quality Showcases also known as exhibit cases are the finest quality glass display cases. Commonly used in art galleries and historical societies, these museum quality showcases are perfect for other places too where clarity is required. If you want to display your valuable and beautiful product to the people, you must install museum quality glass showcases from Bear Glass.

The main purpose of your showcase is to display the true image and colors of your item and protect it from dust and moist. Low iron glass does this in the best possible way. As it contains very low amount of iron, it is more clear than average clear glass. Some reasons to choose low iron glass for your museum quality showcase.

Low Iron Glass provides formative advantages in comparison to standard float glass. Particularly, it is characterized by a higher transparency and a more neutral color, making glass ideal where high visibility and clarity are required. There are various options when deciding on a showcase. Besides size of the showcase, types of glass, shapes also matter.

Types of Museum Quality Showcases:

Free Standing Showcase:
Freestanding display cases offer the greatest flexibility. Our shelving system is designed to allow for unobstructed space for something like a mannequin while also providing adjacent shelf space to display artifacts that are small and fit well on shelving. Shelving can be adjusted within the display space and is only limited by the size of the shelves. Shelving can be ordered in varying widths.

Counter Height Retail Showcase:
This kind of showcase is mostly used and a great way to display your items to your prospective visitors. It allow full viewing and, when the top is removed, total access for the arranging of the exhibits.

Floor Standing Showcase:
Floor standing showcase attracts visitors to the item they showcased more than any other types of showcases. We design according to your custom specifications.

Wall Mounted Showcase:
Wall mounted museum display complete with uninterrupted sliding doors maximize the display space and impact of the exhibits. Access to these showcases is via the plain glass fronts that pull forward and then slide to the side.

Modular System Museum Quality Showcases:
This type of museum quality showcases are used to display many same type. With low iron glass finish this showcase must attract your visitors.

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