How much does it cost to resilver a mirror?

Retail: $15/Sq Ft > Length(inches) x Width(inches) divide by 144 x $15.00= Cost Minimum Charge 10 Sq Ft + $5 Re Packaging Fee for packages that need to be shipped back. For Wholesale prices contact us (Resale Number Required)

How do I know my mirror needs resilvering?

Most of the time it is obvious. Sometimes mirrors appear to be dirty or streaked on the front surface when the actual problem is deterioration of the old silver on the back. Clean the mirror well to determine if you have surface dirt or deterioration of the silver on the back. Unfortunately, harsh abrasives (powdered cleaners, scrubbing pads, etc.) are sometimes used by individuals in their attempt to clean the surface. The resulting scratches may become apparent when the mirror gets a new coat of silver.

What about touching up small areas or spots?

Unfortunately, satisfactory results are not achieved when trying to resilver portions of a mirror. The complete mirror needs to be resilvered.

My large bathroom mirror has deterioration on the bottom edge?

This is very common. It might not have been installed or sealed properly in the first place. Mirrors like this are sometimes large simple rectangles without bevels. Here, it may be cheaper to buy a new mirror than to have it resilvered, unless it has sentimental value. One solution for the problem is to cut off the damaged area and then remount the mirror. This can be done by your local glazier. Another possibility is to install a frame or border around the bad areas.

Where can I get the silver paint to touch up a mirror myself?

It doesn't exist,(at least nothing that actually works). We often see mirrors which the client has tried to touch up with silver paint. The results are disappointing. Another attempt at home repair is tin foil to the area missing the original silver. Again, this doesn't work. It is actual silver that is applied to your mirror, and it involves a process and expenses that make it impractical for the do it yourselfer to attempt.

What about damage on the surface of the mirror?

Clean the surface of your mirror well before delivering it. Look carefully for scratches and nicks on the surfaces of the mirror. They will be more apparent after the mirror is resilvered. Often, customers are unaware of existing damage on a mirror that has been in their home for years.

How should the mirror be delivered to us for resilvering?

The mirror needs to be removed from any frame. Please bring/send us just the glass. Removal is usually easy, but be careful. Use caution when doing any prying. Cover the mirror with cloth or cardboard when using any hard tools. A slip with pliers, a screw driver or other tools can chip, crack, or break the glass. Not force the glass. Ease it gently from the frame.

Can we remove and replace the mirror from the frame?

Yes, the usual charge is a minimum $10 for the service. Sometimes if it is an unusually difficult mirror and depending on how the mirror is mounted it could cost more. Note: old glass is fragile and can break for no apparent reason. Although we take great care we cannot guarantee the mirror against breakage when removing, replacing, or resilvering.

Resilver or buy a new mirror?

If your mirror is a simple rectangle without beveling or fancy edge work it is usually cheaper to buy a new mirror. One might want to resilver a simple rectangle if it is antique glass and the desire is to retain the look of old glass. Antique glass is imperfect. It is wavy, may have small air bubbles, and the beveling can be uneven. Patterns other than rectangles are usually expensive and it is much cheaper to resilver. Also sentimental value never be replaced.

Will the value of the mirror be destroyed if it is resilvered?

Usually the value is not destroyed. The resale value is usually increased. It needs to be an important piece for there to be a loss in value.

How will the resilvered mirror turn out?

Sometimes when the old silver deteriorates it leaves a permanent stain on the glass which will show up when the new silver(yes, it's real silver) is applied. There is no way to determine ahead of time if this will happen. However, most mirrors come out just fine and the customer is satisfied with the results. If there is staining it can be removed at a rate of $50/hour. Any scratches on the front or back of the mirror will be more apparent after the new silver is applied.

Is there any risk involved in resilvering?

Yes. Although great care is taken to prevent breakage there is a very slight chance a mirror can break in the process. Glass might have built up stress which cannot be seen and may break for no apparent reason. Sorry, but we cannot be responsible. If the mirror does break it will be returned to you at no charge.

How long will the resilvering last?

It should last for decades. However, we can't control the conditions in which mirrors are hung. Most mirrors we guarantee for five years. Bathroom mirrors or other mirrors subject to excessive moisture are guaranteed for one year.

Can you resilver auto rear view mirrors?

We can resilver car mirrors. Day/Night mirrors will retain their day/night function/Remember tp remove the mirror from it's holder. We want only the piece of glass.

Can my rear view mirror be shipped?

Yes. The cost of a rear view mirror, including shipping and handling is the minimum charge of 5 sq ft + S/H. Pack it carefully, but don't overdo it.

Can other things be resilvered?

We can resilver almost anything made of glass.

Can you resilver telescope mirrors or camera prisms?

Maybe there is a different process but most of the time we can do it. The cost is usually the "minimum charge" for any lenses. There will be an extra charge for prisms requiring extra masking of the unsilvered surfaces. Camera prisms are more difficult to do than a flat mirror because of multiple sides and generally cost around $125 and up.

I want to change a mirror into a piece of clear glass. What can I do?

We can perform this service for you. We charge 50% of the price of resilvering.

What does the resilvering process involve?

There are several steps involved in mirror resilvering. First, the backing paint is stripped from the mirror. Next follows the removal of the deteriorated silver with an acid. The glass is then polished and rinsed. It is now ready for resilvering. Several chemicals, are mixed and applied with a special spray gun. A chemical reaction takes place causing the silver to adhere to the glass. The mirror is dried and coated with a special coating. After a final cleanup the mirror is ready for customer pickup.

How do you remove water spots from a mirror?

We can polish them out for you for a charge of $50/hour. You can also use Bruce's GSR. It is usually available at your local hardware stores.

Can mirrors be shipped?

Yes. Remember it's glass. Pack it carefully and insure it. The best box is a 2 x 4 frame a few inches larger than your glass and some flat pieces of 1" Styrofoam from the lumberyard cut to fit.