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A sneeze guard, sneezeguard, or cough shield is an acrylic or glass screen designed to protect food or people from the exposure to respiratory droplets, which are dispensed when coughing, sneezing or even talking. Sneeze guards have been in use in restaurants for decades. With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, sneeze guards have been installed in public places like offices, schools and supermarkets to reduce the risk of infection through respiratory droplets. Read more...

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Types of Sneeze Guards Glass:

Freestanding Sneeze Guards: These types of sneeze guards are made up of a clear plastic or tempered glass panel with a system designed to hold it up. The uses of a freestanding sneeze guard are endless. They may be used on reception desks, conference tables, serving tables etc... A freestanding sneeze guard can be used anywhere on a flat surface. Most freestanding sneeze guards are used on desks or raised surfaces. Some freestanding sneeze guards go from the floor to above the head and act as a clear wall. Others are designed to partition space form a seated level, like separating tables at a restaurant.

Cubicle Sneeze Guards: These types of sneeze guards are made of a clear plastic panel with a system designed to mount the panel onto a cubicle partition. This type of sneeze guard has risen in popularity as many businesses look to reopen safely post COVID-19 outbreak. Many companies have come out with differing versions of cubicle sneeze guards

Hanging Sneeze Guards: These types of sneeze guards are made up of a clear plastic panel hung from the ceiling at a desired height. This sort of sneeze guard can be customized to fit almost any purpose. These sneeze guards allow the end customer to decide where to protect. It also allows for a larger area of protection. These also tend to be the cheapest sneeze guards on the market.

Portable Sneeze Guards: These are the newest type of sneeze guards made available to the market in direct response to combat the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. A Portable Sneeze Guard improves upon the traditional sneeze guard by its collapsible design enabling its transformation into an easy-to-carry form. This sort of sneeze guard conveniently transports inside a backpack, briefcase, or similar everyday carry bag. Extending the benefits of regular sneeze guards, Portable Sneeze Guards used in schools, and university campuses, in restaurants and cafes, workplaces, or practically anywhere, provide a highly mobile barrier from respiratory droplets. A Portable Sneeze Guard fills a PPE-gap, further protecting children and adults from airborne infectious disease spread from sneezing, coughing, talking, laughing, or eating.

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